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Area Servant Leaders

Area Servant Leaders Efren and Nimfa London

Chapter 1 Servant Leaders

Chapter Servant Leaders Ernie and Dinah Gimeno
Bronx Unit Leaders Nanding and Eva Ordiz
Unit Servant Leaders Alex and Gladys Panes

Chapter 2 Servant Leaders

Chapter Servant Leaders Jerry and Joy Fordan
Queens 1 Unit Leaders Jojie and Gina DelaPaz Tibay
Queens 2 Unit Leaders Greg and Emma Bonzo grema91@hotmail.comm
Staten Island Unit Leaders Vic and Becky Sarmiento
Brooklyn Unit Leaders Mar and Bing Inot

Albany Servant Leaders

Area Servant Leaders Ernie and Sally Tusaneza

Family Ministry Servant Leaders

Family Ministry Coordinators James and Ces Aquaviva
HFL Coordinator Dolly Paual
SVFL Coordinator Meo Bergancia
SFL Coordinators Ron and Jessica Acosta
YFL Coordinators Ed and Emma Rafol
KFL Coordinators Dan and Beth Mahinay
Music Ministry Coordinators Edwin and Rory Bergancia

Other Servant Leaders

Mission Coordinators Pepe and Lala Ruffy
MPC Coordinators Jun and Alma Cruz
Pro-Life/Shop Coordinators Cris and Collie Fernandez
Financial Coordinators Ning and Imee Tibay

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Conference Dates

CFC FFL Conf Jul 6 - Jul 8
HFL Conf Aug 18 - Aug 20
KFL Conf Jul 6 - Jul 8
SFL Conf Jul 27 - Jul 29

CFC FFL Conference

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