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History of CFC FFL NY

Couples for Christ was established in the Philippines on June 21, 1981. It started with a handful of families and expanded to 500 couples by 1985. In 1989, the leadership of Couples for Christ came up with a thrust to rapidly and massively evangelize globally. Today CFC FFL has more than 700,000 members in 60 countries around the world including the United States.

Couples For Christ in the Northeast Region began spreading its roots in New Jersey as an outreach of a U.S.-based Christian community. Its early members include Sonny & Brenda Aguiling, Jun & Helen Banaria, Vic & Tina Chico and Edwin & Monet Solano.

The emergence and the start of the growth of Couples for Christ in New York began when a mission team from CFC New Jersey held the first Christian Life Program at St. Aloysius Church in Brooklyn in September, 1995. The mission team was composed of top leaders from CFC New Jersey who served as CLP team. The program was completed in December of 1995 and one couple (Pepe and Lala Ruffy), one handmaid (Diding Dojillo), one servant (Jun Flores) and two singles (Mimi Dojillo and Marikit Ruffy) were dedicated as the first members of Couples for Christ in New York.

In 1996 a second CLP, headed and supported again by top leaders from CFC New Jersey was held at St. Aloysius Church in Brooklyn. Three couples (Bong & Tess Ferrer, Mario and Madelyn Lazaro and Al and Linda Dimatulac), and two singles (Noel Maaba and Jun Villarante) were dedicated as members. They were then joined by a CFC couple from the Philippines (Nonong and Ely Maaba) and two couples (Caloy and Tala Villarante, Ramon and Noemi Mescallado) who attended and completed a CLP in New Jersey. These CFC members, together with the pioneer members who were dedicated the year before, make up the first CFC household in New York with Ross and Regie Basalatan (from CFC New Jersey) as their household leaders.

In 1996, CFC New York joined CFC New Jersey in preparing for the 3rd CFC USA National Leaders Conference which was held at Somerset, New Jersey. CFC New York coordinated and prepared all necessary materials for the Eucharistic Celebration on the last day of the conference.

In 1998, the first CLP in Long Island, headed and supported by top leaders from CFC New Jersey, was held at the house of Efren and Nimfa London. Three Couples (Efren and Nimfa London, Manny and Jovette Sabenicio, and Ian and Aying Inquijmboy) and one handmaid (Eva Cohen) were dedicated as CFC members. They formed the first household of Long Island with Ramon and Nome Mescallado as the household leaders.

In 1999, the first CLP in Queens headed by Ms. Dolly Paual (then a handmaid in CFC New Jersey) and supported by the top leaders in CFC New Jersey, was held at the residence of Dolly Paual. Two couples (Greg and Emma Bonzo, Teofilo and Zeny Creencia) and nine handmaids were dedicated as CFC members.
In the same year of 1999, the first CLP in Bronx, headed again by Dolly Paual and supported by top leaders from CFC New Jersey, was held which yielded eight graduates comprising one household for the Handmaid of the Lord.

In 2000, CFC New Jersey made Albany a mission area and held the first CLP. The CLP produced two couples, two singles and several handmaids.

In 2001, CFC New York was formed into an area with Jun Felix as the Area Leader. CFC New York then took over Albany as its mission area from CFC New Jersey. Albany was then integrated into the CFC New York area.

In 2002, Oscar Banting was appointed area head of CFC New York and Pepe Ruffy was appointed as the new Area Leader. Following the appointment of the area head the CFC households in Staten Island were invited and they agreed to be incorporated into CFC New York. Contemporaneous with this, a geographic delineation of CFC New York was made based on designated strategic evangelization areas. The geographic designation came to be known under the acronym “UPNEWS” which meant: UP (Upstate for Albany), N (North for Bronx), E (East for Long Island), W (West for Staten Island), and S (South for Brooklyn and Queens). With the appointment of the area head, CFC New York, through its area head, had plenary authority to formulate their own plans and make decisions on matters involving exclusively CFC New York.

In the same year, after completion of the CLPs, three units were formed, namely the Staten Island Unit, Long Island Unit, and the Brooklyn/Bronx/Queens Unit. CFC New York then became a Chapter and Pepe Ruffy was appointed as Chapter Head. Similarly, SFC NY started its effort to integrate with the CFC NY Family Ministry with the appointment of Bro Mer and Sis Beth Laqueo as Chapter Leaders. The following year, CFC NY was fully integrated with CFC NY with 2 Units and 14 households.

In January 2003, CFC New York was incorporated as a nonprofit religious organization in New York State under the name couples for Christ New York, Inc. In 2003, it received recognition of exemption under section 501 C(3) of the Federal revenue code.

In May of 2003, CFC New York held its first YFC camp at Poconos, Pennsylvania. Seventeen youths were dedicated as the first YFC New York members. At the same time, Dodong and Suzette Awing became the first YFC New York Chapter coordinators.

In august of 2003, CFC New York conducted its own first KFC camp at Wildwood state Park in Long Island which was held simultaneously with the second CFC New York fellowship camp. The camp yielded twenty five KFC members. Ed and Irma Pastor were the first KFC New York Chapter coordinators.

By January 2004, CFC NY was fully registered as a non-profit organization and in 2005, granted the 501-C3 (tax-exempt organization) status. CFC is supported by various Catholic parishes/communities in the New York area.

Almost 10 years have passed since the arrival of the first mission team in New York. Today, the CFC NY Chapter is comprised of 5 units in 4 of the 5 boroughs (Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island), Long Island and Albany. Three are 20 households altogether, yielding a membership of 250 couples. The CFC NY family ministries also includes 13 members of Servants of the Lord (SOLD), 90 members of the Handmaids of the Lord (HOLD), 141 members of Singles for Christ (SFC), 80 CFC Youth, and 45 members of Kids for Christ (KFC).
Following the leadings of the Holy Sprit and the Lords’ divine guidance, coupled with the powerful intercession of our dear Blessed Mother, Couples for Christ New York, has done its part to renew the face of the Big Apple for the greater glory of our Lord. This year, the community was honored as hosts of the 11th Couples for Christ USA Leaders Conference held at Manhattan Center Studios in NYC on July 30 & 31 to Aug. 1. The Conference was a huge success and gave the CFC New York the opportunity of giving back all the graces and blessings they have received from the larger Couples for Christ community. For this, we praise God for all His good works and continue to steadfastly labor in love and service as we triumphantly exclaim,

On September 11, 2007, in the aftermath of the tumultuous and sad chapter in the CFC global community, Couples for Christ New York declared its unequivocal support and its affiliation to the Manila-based Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life.Fifteen years after the first CLP in the NY Area, CFC FFL NY community continues to grow in numbers. Today CFC FFL NY has more than 500 members, has two Chapters and One unit serving the Archdiocese of NY, Archdiocese of Queens and the Archdiocese of Rockville Long Island.
Good indeed is the Lord, Whose love endures forever, whose faithfulness last through every Age!

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