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What is LCSC?

Live Christ, Share Christ Movement - is a fruit of the life and mission of CFC FFL. It is a lay response to the New Evangelization. It is a movement for evangelization and renewal that is based in the parish. Its work is for, by and on behalf of the parish. Its goal is to bring nominal Catholics back to active involvement in the Church, and to start to deepen the faith of those who are already in the parish.

The movement focuses on "reaching out to those among us whose faith-life has been largely eroded and even lost due to the surrounding confusion, moral relativism, doubt, agnosticism; reaching out to those who have drifted from the Faith and the Church, and have joined other religious sects."

While there can be various ways of accomplishing this objective, LCSC focuses on a particular methodology. This is by means of a seminar called a Christian Life Seminar (CLS). It is intended for Catholics to meet Christ, live Christ and share Christ. It is designed for rapid and massive evangelization, accompanied by the systematic empowerment of laypeople to participate in the work.

It is hoped that through the Live Christ, Share Christ (LCSC) movement, the Church will be able to mainstream Catholic lay evangelization. In this way, the Catholic Church will truly become a missionary Church and the nation can attain to its destiny as God's light to the world.

LCSC is grassroots, parish-based re-evangelization. Its basic purpose is to bring Catholics into an active life in the parish, by bringing them into a personal relationship with Jesus, through the CLS and continuing formation. LCSC will not replace any parish program, activity, group, ministry, etc.

Ownership of the LCSC movement is with the parish. However, depending on the maturity and variety of offerings of the parish, LCSC stands ready to provide further formation as needed. LCSC offers marriage retreats, youth camps, Bible studies, migrants program, chastity formation for youth, pro-life modules, templates on building integrated communities among the poor, financial stewardship program, various formation modules, cell groups, etc.

The New Evangelization in the United States

The 2008 Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) study "Sacraments Today: Belief and Practice Among U.S. Catholics. . . ," provides a glimpse into the beliefs, practices and attitudes of U.S. Catholics. According to the study, only 23% of U.S. Catholics regularly attend Mass once a week, while 77% self-identify as proud to be Catholic. These statistics point to the need for the New Evangelization.

The seed of the Church is present, but the message of Jesus Christ needs to be re-sown and watered for those who have already heard Christ's call, but who have not been fully evangelized or catechized. Truly, the seed of Christ's message has taken root and yielded much fruit in past seasons. In the spirit of the New Evangelization, it is our hope that the resources on this page will yield even greater harvests for Christ in the future so that all people can dwell in the shade.

Couples for Christ - Foundation for Family and Life

As a servant to the Church, CFC FFL offers its service to the parishes in the USA: a) to launch LCSC in the parish, b) to train parish catechumens and encourage active participation of members in the parish; c) to transfer methodology and program, d) to ensure that the parish LCSC is enabled and continuing. e) to encourage members to financially support the parish; f) to serve as a resource in the pastoral formation of the parishioners.

What is the relationship between CFC-FFL and LCSC?

LCSC is a product of the life and mission of CFC-FFL, an expression of its drawing deeper into the heart of the Catholic Church. LCSC makes use of the 31 years of experience and pastoral wisdom of CFC-FFL. The growth of LCSC will be backed by CFC-FFL members in their respective parishes, acting as parishioners.

But LCSC is neither a ministry nor an outreach of CFC-FFL. LCSC is an independent movement raised by the Holy Spirit as a response to the call to the New Evangelization. It has no organizational or structural ties with CFC-FFL.

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